Mini Review: Empire Mini GS Marker

Talk about iconic brands in paintball! Empire Paintball has been a top shelf company in paintball for nearly twenty years. Their markers, goggles, apparel, hardware and accessories are seen on paintball fields the world over, weekend after weekend, year after year and decade after decade. 

The Empire Mini GS is the latest and greatest in the evolution of the Iconic Invert Mini from Empire Paintball. When the Invert Mini hit the market more than eleven years ago it was groundbreaking—great price, lightweight, small and loaded with features. As great as the original Invert Mini was, the new Mini GS blows it out of the water. And somehow it is still priced well below $350 US dollars. Incredible.

Some of the awesome features of the new Mini GS are its reimagined grip-frame, rubber grips and foregrip cover, which provide for great handling without the need for gloves. The new low-profile regulator comes with an actuated on/off ASA, so no more damaged o-rings.  New weatherproof rubber membranes installed over the board’s foregrip housing and buttons prevent moisture from reaching the marker’s electronics—more consistent performance in wet and rainy weather.  The engineers at Empire reduced the number of allen screw sizes in the Mini GS to just two. No more hunting for the right allen key. The Mini GS also boasts a new microswitch over the Hall Effect system for a fast and positive interface with your fingers. The new Delrin trigger bushing, stronger clamping fed-neck and backwards compatibility for all internals round out the impressive features of the Empire Mini GS.

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