NXL World Cup Webcast Pre-Order

The NXL World Cup webcast pre-order is now available. Pre-order at and click on “Live Webcast”.

What you get with your pre-order

  1. 25% discount for pre-ordering the live World Cup webcast ($14.99)
  2. Early access to the NXL Web Series
    Web Series Episode 1 is LIVE
    Web Series Episode 2 is LIVE only if you pre-order
    Episode 3 Available October 6th
  3. Early access to The Impact Series
    Episode 3 available October 12th!
  4. 3 days of LIVE paintball coverage during the World Cup NXL event
  5. All of the Virginia Beach pro and final divisional matches
  6. During the Thursday pro practice we will have a live feed IN FRONT of the paywall so that concerned users can preview the live feed before purchasing

A quick behind the scenes update
– We have beefed up our redundancies for power and internet
– Power – we are using industrial grade APC’s that can handle the full production suite for over an hour. Even with flaky rental generators we should be solid.

– Internet – we are going back to the point to point internet solution rather than satellite. Although 3 times the cost of a dish and dish service, we feel it’s going to pay out in the long run. This is the same service we used in Cleveland – which had 100% uptime and I’m personally confident with this solution.

– Playback is no longer done through livestream. We are using a far more advanced (and expensive) player (limelight) – For those who understand – we no longer need to encode 3 streams for playback. 1 HD stream is re-rendered and processed into lower resolution playbacks. This will help with server loads on the encoder and bandwidth requirements for upload.

Noteworthy updates
– Paywall – General server improvements to remove “kick-offs and time-outs”
– New scoreboard – smaller and less intrusive than the current one
– Sponsored replay – woo more replay!!
– Dedicated drone pilot- woo more aerial shots!!
– 2 Start box cameras with wider lenses so we get a more informative breakout shots.
– 5 dedicated camera men
– Breakout graphics – similar to tennis live production, they produce a graphic showing where the players land their first and second serves… we are producing a graphic for breakouts to visually dictate live and dead players.

Thank you for the support in working with the production team on generating a live show for paintball to enjoy! Be sure to catch some of the highlights of the live show on the PbNation YouTube channel!

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