Paintball Cares Blood Drive

This will be the biggest paintball event in history.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused our nation’s Blood Banks an expected loss of 100,000 pints of blood. Paintball has responded. On April 7th a who’s who all-start list of professional paintball players, notable woodsball ecelebs, manufacturers, and paintball publications have joined in partnership with the American Red Cross & America’s Blood Centers to launch the Paintball Cares Blood Drive. has proudly joined in this humanitarian cause. answers every question and concern of blood donors. The goal of the drive is to reach 100,000 pints of donated blood during the week of Monday, April 20th to Saturday, April 25th.

To assist supporters in showing support stamps and badges are provided at to use in social media.

Some of the names involved at launch are: Marcello Margot, Ryan Greenspan, Nick Slowiak, and many other professional speedball members. In woodsball, Alabaster Slim, Wolf, Greg Hastings, DangerMan, Nightmare, and others are sharing the message with their audiences. 

Manufacturers and industry providers including Dye, the NXL and BKI have partnered in the cause.  

The organizer, Lars Hindsley (YouTube’s DangerMan) found last-minute support from BKI. When BKI’s Anthony Vitale learned of the effort, he stepped up in partnership. BKI owns Anthony suggested the two sites join forces and share the same message during the campaign.

When asked of the importance of having both versions of Paintball Cares, Lars Hindsley suggested, “BKI is a testimony of how paintballers are willing to give and make sacrifices for others. Without BKI’s assistance, there was a huge chance people would not find The Paintball Cares Blood Drive properly. Without determined individuals, we could have lost countless blood donors. BKI could have taken many approaches to a similar domain name. They didn’t hesitate to help.”

If BKI is any indicator of the Paintball Cares Blood Drive’s chance for success, the paintball community will reach its goal of 100,000 pints of blood. If you want to join the cause, you can find your local blood bank to make an appointment at

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