Spotlight: Spyder MR6

spyder mr6With magfed becoming a more popular form of paintball, companies such as Spyder are starting to make more magfed markers to grow their company with the sport. Spyder released a new marker, the MR6. This marker comes with a “DLS” Dual Loading System that has the capability of shooting .68-caliber paintballs through the standard hopper or a lower magfed system. The DLS system enables users to interchange the loading system with a turn of a barrel, allowing players to switch from hopper to magfed in play. The MR6 is also first strike compatible. This marker is a sleek mil-sim style semi-auto marker that comes with the dual loading system a 14 inch barrel with muzzle break, an AR style collapsible stock, rubber wrap-around grips, and an additional 9 round magazine. To learn more about this marker visit

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