Dynasty Switches Guns

Dynasty, the most successful professional paintball team in the history of the sport, has switched markers. The team, home of top players including Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige, Oliver Lang (when he’s back from the jungle), Tyler Harmon and Kyle Spicka, has made a business of winning and though the team hasn’t sat atop the podium consistently as they have in years past, the team can beat anyone on any day, anywhere. The team’s marker sponsors have been a who’s who of paintball gun manufacturing over the years, including WDP with their Angel markers, Smart Parts and their Shocker line, the Luxe and most recently, Planet Eclipse with the Geo line, and now the team has made another switch, moving to Field One, the reincarnated Bob Long line of markers. Already fielding the markers at events like the Ultimate Woodsball League and the NXL Winter Classic, the team will shoot Field 1 markers both old and new, including the Marq and G6R, as new designs begin to take shape throughout 2017 and beyond. The relationship was further tightened as another of Dynasty’s major sponsors, HK Army, recently acquired the rights to the Marq platform and intends to push forward with their own take on the design. Bob Long’s markers have long been known to be fast and incredibly air-efficient, and with this new development pushing innovation and marketing forward, these designs in the hands of Dynasty could shake up the powers-that-be at the top of current high-end paintball marker manufacturing!

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